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3 Easy Steps To Giving The Best Wedding Gift

Follow the list below for a piece of original art that’s all about your special person.

Something that will go on the wall and every single time they see it they’ll remember it was you who took the time to give them such a unique gift.

the absolutely perfect gift
Choose the caricature option/s you want. Fill out the Enquiry Form on this page. We confirm the price and that we can have it to you for your required date. You fill in the order form then sit back till it arrives. You present the superb personalised original artwork to your overjoyed colleague and immediately have praise and love showered upon you! Easy!

These People Gave The Perfect Gift!

“We love our caricature and would highly recommend getting one done. We are using ours for our wedding invitations and as unique guest book. We loved how bright and personal the caricatures on the website were. When ours arrived it was even better than we thought it would be. It’s all the personal details that bring it to life and make it special. We love it!!”

Melanie S

“The artwork was fantastic, and brilliantly captured the mood of the wedding day. The likeness is amazingly accurate and done with great humour. I was so pleased with the results and it certainly exceeded my high expectations. It also made a great centre piece to the gift table and after the mount was signed by all the guests, and framed, has become a great momento of the day.”

Bernie F

“I first saw a Spratti master piece at my sister in law’s wedding, they had it mounted and everyone wrote their wishes around it. It was a massive hit and and huge talking point. Since then I have ordered two for farewell presents for colleagues and both times they have induced tears and laughter. People are amazed at the creativity and detail that goes into them, and the recipients have been touched that someone has taken the time to notice what makes up them as a person and then to have that captured in art forever.”

Sandi T