Now 476, 5 Star Customer Testimonials!

Jane Bodie – 15th Dec 2018  

‘This is the second Spratti Caricature I’ve ordered from Spratti.  I was so delighted with the first one for my husbands birthday and his comment was that ‘it was the best present he’d ever received’. He loved the fact it was so personalised. So again we asked Phil to do a caricature for our son.  It’s is just perfect, right down to the fact that he has captured such attitude in the cats faces.  We love everything about it and appreciate the enormous amount of work and inspiration he puts into turning out something that can be so incredibly personal, when he has only ever seen photographs. Thanks again for an amazing caricature.  And thanks to Michelle for keeping me posted on progress.”  

Troy – 13th Dec2018  

“The caricature was fantastic and a spot on likeness. Quick turnaround as well. A unique gift idea for your family or loved ones.”

Andrew – 6th Dec 2018  

“ I highly recommend Spratti, I needed a caricature done at relatively short notice for my boss who was being farewelled. All my interactions with Spratti art were professional and easy. Each step of the process was explained thoughtfully. Payment was not a problem with fast confirmation of payment provided. The piece created was fantastic and everyone was amazed at how good it look, and how each detail captured our boss’s personality . I will be using Spratti again because of how unique and special his caricatures are.”

Maz – 19th Nov 2018  

“Phil’s artistic ability totally blew me away.  The brief was nailed on both my caricature orders that resulted in spectacular original works of art that we were ecstatic to have commissioned as gifts.  The ordering process was easy and the finished product was delivered securely and on time, the digital copy was greatly appreciated also.  I couldn’t recommend ‘Caricatures by Spratti’ enough for a truly unforgettable, ultimate and unique gift.”

Maria Jablonski- 16th Nov 2018  

“I’d like to thank you for an amazing caricature of my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary. It turned out so great, I couldn’t even pictured it that way! Fantastic job, well done. The whole transaction was smooth, the response was so quick and you’ve delivered a great gift in a very short time. 

I appreciate it and would recommend you to any of my friends and acquaintances.” 

Kelly Hardy – 8th Nov 2018  

“The caricature we had created for our brother’s engagement was just brilliant. I was in Europe when I contacted Spratti and they were only extremely quick to reply and take on a ‘quick turn around’. They even express posted it to the required address with ease and was received a day early!  My brother and soon to be sister-in-law absolutely loved it, taking it with them while circulating the crowd at their party. Couldn’t recommenced Spratti highly enough, just absolutely brilliant!”

Tracy Lyons – 5th Nov 2018  

“A  talented artist and wonderful customer service, having never ordered a present like this and taking the risk on a special present I was extremely happy with the outcome. The service and turn around time was fantastic, I highly recommend Sprattiart.  Definitely a 5 star rating.”

Sam – 26th Oct 2018  

“I wanted to get something unique & creative for our first wedding anniversary being paper. When I saw Caricatures by Spratti on the internet , I was hooked. The caricature of our wedding day looks fantastic . It’s fun, personal, creative and my husband LOVED IT !!  It’s an awesome way to capture our special moment that is unique & different from our photos. I would definitely recommend Caricatures by Spratti.” 

Louise – 10th Oct 2018  

“I was looking for something unique for my friend’s 50th birthday, something that she wouldn’t already have.  That’s what I Googled, because Google knows all, ‘unique 50th birthday presents.’ Fortunately for me, ‘Spratti’ came up.  Any doubt I had about doing this quickly vanished when I presented the gift.  Anita absolutely loved it.  She was wrapped.  Thank you again ‘Spratti’ for doing such an awesome job.”

Mark Simmons – 13th Oct 2018  

“I first saw a Caricature by Spratti displayed on a work colleague’s desk. I thought it was hilarious and amazed at the resemblance of him. I ordered one for my son’s 18th. The artwork and creativity was better then I expected. I knew we had given him the perfect gift seeing my son’s reaction and huge smile on his face! Looking forward to further caricatures for other family members and friends.”

Tanya – 7th Oct 2018  

“We were thrilled with the caricature we received.  It was a 70th birthday gift and it went down an absolute treat.  The whole process was seamless, Michele was lovely to deal with and all the personal details on the painting by Phil were fabulous.  Definitely recommend and will use again!”

Wade – 7th Oct 2018  

“A work mate was going to retire and we had a week to decide what to give him as a farewell gift. I called Spratti with a tight timeframe thinking it was going to be impossible to complete. I was surprised to find it came a day earlier than expected. Not only that, the picture was excellent and all the details we wanted were well thought out. Any work that mate retires in the future, I would have no hesitation to call Spratti again. Thanks for everything.”

Ros Miles – 6th Oct 2018  

“I’ve just had my second caricature completed by Spratti.  What an amazing creation each time. The likeness to the subjects was spot on and presented in a fabulously fun way. The recipients of the caricatures were blown away and super excited to receive the gifts. Five Stars!”

Angela Phull – 3rd Oct 2018  

“Rating – 5 stars!!!!

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to Phil for the amazing caricature he created as a wedding anniversary gift to my husband… Phil captured our family so perfectly and the end result far exceeded my expectations! I was blown away by the level of detail he was able to capture by just using a few photos as an example… My husband absolutely loved his gift and it is something that will hang on our wall at home and be cherished forever…. THANK YOU!!!!!”  

Shane Carr – 2nd Oct 2018  

“Hey Phil, awesome work. 

Ordering a Caricature through Spratti was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m not gonna lie, I was very nervous as to how it was gonna turn out but I was soon put at ease the second I opened my parcel. It turned out even better than I could’ve imagined. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I can’t wait to see my Partners face on our wedding day when I surprise her with it. 

The professionalism is second to none. I’d definitely order another caricature through Spratti. I’d give 5 stars out of 5.”

Ollie G – 20th Sept 2018  

“A huge thanks to you both for your prompt service and fabulous Caricatures by Spratti. You guys did an amazing job working off the photos supplied.  The caricature including the details given in my brief was just spot on.  I highly recommend Phil and the team at Caricatures by Spratti –  5 stars  rating for you guys .” thank you again. Kind regards.” 

Leandra K – 4th Sept 2018  

“Huge thank you to Phil Spratt for the Caricature he drew for me! its perfect and completely sums up my partner (its like he’s know him for years).  If you need a gift idea for someone that has everything, get them one of these drawn up – you won’t be disappointed! 5 out of 5.” 

Phil Smith – 29th Aug 2018  

“I suppose there’s always a degree of concern when you pay for something in advance that you have no idea what it will turn out like. But with the caricature I have received from Spratti for my mate’s birthday I couldn’t be happier. Very cleverly done and all the guys who chipped in for it think it’s great also. I couldn’t recommend Spratti any higher and will certainly use his caricatures for gifts or special occasions in future. Five stars!!”

Michael – 18th Aug 2018  

“Caricatures by Spratti did an amazing job that, despite working off only a few old photos, far exceeded our expectations.  The workmanship and attention to detail is brilliant, and it was all completed within one week!  I highly recommend Phil and the team at Caricatures by Spratti – without question a 5 star rating.” Cheers, Michael

Sheridene M – 4th Aug 2018  

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful portrayal of our employee who retired after ten years of dedicated service to our business.  He has worked for many industries doing a variety of work, which Phil was able to represent appropriately to create a superb reminder of some of the jobs our employee carried out over the years.  With so much detail involved we were concerned if it would all fit in or be too much for one picture.  Our expectations were definitely exceeded and the colours and way everything worked together makes it extremely interesting and pleasing to look at.  The artwork was well received and we think it is a personal and thoughtful gift to honour someone.  The whole process was easy by email and in a seriously short time frame.  They were great to deal with and conveyed our request perfectly from the basic information we provided.  We are looking forward to using your creative services again in the future and would highly recommend you with a 5 out of 5 star rating.  Thanks again for helping to preserve memories in a meaningful way.”

Angus – 24th July 2018  

“Many thanks, we were really happy with the caricature, it captured the warmth and personality of our colleague and he clearly loved the little details and the thought that had been put into them. Regards, Angus”

Erin P – 30th June 2018  

“Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of the caricature of my dad for his 60th birthday. The drawing is absolutely spot on! You do a fantastic job and by using only photographs. My brothers and I are extremely happy with the result. Booking the job and dealing with Michele was so easy – she was so helpful and answered all of my emails/phone calls without delay. Thank you for a great birthday present I’m sure my dad will love.”

Leah W – 20th June 2018  

“Myself and my work colleagues were looking for a 60th birthday gift for our boss, the man who has everything. We wanted to get something unique and fun.  A friend suggested having a caricature done so we investigated online and found Spratti. We sent a few photos and a brief rundown of all the things our boss did and liked.  After a few emails back and forth tweeking the details, within 2 weeks our hand painted caricature portrait arrived. It is a fabulous interpretation of the boss in a hilarious and exaggerated form.  We were so pleased and he loved it.  Spratti does an amazing job, all from photos! Definitely worth thinking about for a one of a kind gift. Thankyou Michelle and Phil.”

Pete – 6th June 2018  

“Hi Michelle and Phil, Just wanted to say how utterly pleased I am with the caricature you did of my mate Clive for his 60th birthday.  You certainly have captured his image in a magnificent format especially that you portrayed him in his beloved 4WD at the Simpson desert.  He is a hard person to buy for but this gift will prove unmatcheable. I must also commend you both on your professionalism and prompt service.  Second to none. Thanks very much and I will certainly sing your praises to any that ask.  Five stars from me!!!”

Laura S – 6th June 2018  

“My caricature by Spratti was even better than i could’ve hoped for. I gave Phil a few photos and a very basic outline of what i had in my head for the picture to look like and he made it come to life, only 10 times better! I can’t wait to show my partner the caricature for our anniversary next week. I’ve already showed some friends and they are all super impressed. I will definitely be using Spratti in the future for some unique gifts for loved ones. 5 stars outta 5 – so impressed!”

Paul – 28th May 2018  

“We asked Phil Spratt to do a caricature of our son as a graduation present. We wanted it to be a celebration of his life so far and so we wanted a range of details included in the caricature. As we were doing this in secret, the caricature could only be done using photos of our son and some of the other details. The results were brilliant and even better than we had imagined!!  Phil was able to capture and interpret our son’s character and depict it in a wonderfully humorous but respectful way from those few simple photos. Phil’s artwork and construction are just superb and the resulting caricature is something we, and our son, will treasure forever. Dealing with Phil and Michele was also very enjoyable. The whole process of ordering the work, communication throughout, arranging delivery etc was simple and seamless and felt like a real collaboration. Both Phil and Michele are professional, friendly and efficient in their approach and really took the time to understand our needs. From this experience, we will definitely use Caricatures by Spratti again and recommend them to friends and family.  Definitely a five star experience from start to finish!”

Catherine – 18th May 2018  

“I was looking for a gift for a colleague based in the US who was retiring and was visiting Sydney, Australia for the last time. I only had an extremely short time frame to find something for our colleague to take home to the US with him to remember us by. I found ‘Caricature by Spratti’ online and had a look at their website and was impressed with the work they produce and contacted them and quickly got in touch with Phil and Michele. I sent them our rough draft ideas and a number of various elements that we wanted to be included in the work. Phil took our ideas and produced an amazing piece of artwork with everything we asked for.  Both Phil and Michele were extremely helpful and accommodating and very responsive – especially working within the compressed schedule and having to get it delivered from Brisbane to Sydney by the deadline. We were delighted when we received the artwork and will happily use Caricature by Spratti again and have recommended them to all our other colleagues!”

Kay B – 17th May 2018  

“What a wonderful surprise Mike & John received last night. Your Caricatures are AWESOME, absolutely sensational!  Mike & John will decorate the restaurant with your Caricatures.” Cheers Kay B

Sarah F – 14th May 2018  

“Our tight knit crew at work were stumped with what to get our friends to celebrate their recent engagement. What to get when they’ve got everything… A CARICATURE!  We really enjoyed the process in creating an amazing caricature for their engagement celebration. Once receiving it, the team had to try really hard not to let the surprise slip!  The couple absolutely loved it and all of those involved had a huge laugh on the evening. The detail and precision in the drawing was beyond perfect. Would highly recommend to all my friends! 5 stars! Thank you.” Sarah F

Celia – 11th May 2018  

5 Star Rating: “Phil was amazing to work with. He was able to create a piece of artwork in a limited space of time and captured every detail we wanted  to incorporate with no fuss. When we received the art work and the recipient loved the personal touches that were included.”

Thank you for everything! Kind regardsCelica

Frank V – 4th May 2018  

“The boss was leaving to head interstate. We were all trying to think of some kind of memento to give him as a farewell gift. No matter what we thought of you just knew it was going to end up in the rubbish or St Vinnies. Then one night I was Googling and up came Caricatures by Spratti. Brilliant idea, and after making contact we sent all the info in. When the caricature arrived at our office you could fair dinkum not get the smile off my face. I showed it around the office and everyone was wrapped with it. The likeness, the colour, all of it was fantastic. The best part of it is knowing that it will end up on a wall and it will be a great memento for the boss. Forget other gifts, get the caricature. Thanks Phil.”

Tanya B  – 1st May 2018  

“Once again we are absolutely thrilled with our caricature by Spratti!  This is the perfect gift idea and it gives so much joy – not just to the ‘subject’ but to many people that know them!  My rating is 5/5 and I would highly recommend Spratti services to anyone.”

Sari G – 26th April 2018  

“I approached Phil for an original piece for my husbands 50th birthday, the caricature was of his three children all in AFL footy jumpers in a match type scenario, a sport they all enjoy.  I have only positive words, he listened to what I wanted, his attention to detail was  spot on and his artist flair made the piece a very special gift. As well as this he and Michele were easy to communicate with, efficient, delivered exactly what they promised and in a very short time frame.  5 star services ! Thank you !”

Arlene C – 18th April 2018  

“I have used Caricatures by Spratti on several occasions now, and the artwork is of top quality. I have used them for as special gift for my husband, who is beyond proud to have it in his man cave. As a company I have used them as farewell gifts to our employees, each of whom have been very touched by the gifts. I would highly recommend Caricatures by Spratti for any of your special and personal gifts.”

Jason B 27th March 2018  

“I was in charge of organising a gift for a mates 40th birthday. After weeks of agonising over what to get him and instead of a boring gift voucher etc, I had an idea of a caricature. I searched the web and thought Phils were the best. My brain went into overdrive thinking of all the things that could go in the picture. After sending a few photos and emails to Michelle and a short wait, the caricature arrived. I was so happy with the result, but still a bit worried my friend may not like it. I was wrong. The look on his face was priceless when he saw it and laughed at the memories that represent him. I highly recommend Phil and can’t thank him enough. The caricature was perfect and it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.” 

Karen 25/03/2018 

“5 STAR!!!! Our family has purchased 4 caricatures over the years, three 50th birthdays, one 80th birthday and everyone of them has been a winner. Phil’s attention to detail is amazing. A great artist! Would recommend to anyone looking for that perfect gift, to purchase one. Thank you so much Phil, couldn’t be happier.”

Annette Michaluk 24/03/2018 

“You did a portrait of my brother in June 2017 – Joe Janiak, horse trainer of Takeover Target. Today I had the pleasure of finally presenting it to him as he had been away travelling. He loved it! Many thanks and kind regards.”

Chris A 15/03/2018 

“5 out of 5! I received my caricature today and I was blown away by the vibrancy and the likeness of my cousin. Everything from her great smile to the backdrop was absolutely spot on. Phil and Michele were such a pleasure to work with and I felt I was in safe hands from the very first conversation. I will definitely be coming back for more and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Once again a huge thank you for your brilliant work.”

Chelsea 13/03/2018 

“I would like to thank Phil for his incredible and amazing creation on a very special piece of artwork I requested to have done for a mate who lost his father. The two were best friends and Phil did such an incredible faultless job on creating such a special piece to represent their beautiful bond. I know my mate will treasure this piece for all his years and I can’t thank you enough. Absolute professional service and in such a timely manner. This is such a special gift to give someone and I am so very pleased I came to Phil to have it done. Very highly recommend Phil and his amazing artwork. Thank you so very much, 5 stars. If I could give a higher rating I would.” ?

Darrelle & Linda J  13/03/2018 

“My wife Linda commissioned a caricature of me as a surprise, for my 60th birthday. With only a few photographs to work with Spratti created a masterpiece. A great image of me highlighting my interests with a remarkable likeness, even down to my rapidly disappearing hair, many thanks Phil. 5 stars.”

Linda “Thank you so much Phil for your artistic talent and Michele for your patience and professionalism, the caricature was a great success. The look on Darrell’s face when he opened his present was one of complete amazement. He chuckled each time he saw a detail that was particular to him. The caricature is framed and is to take pride and place in the bar that way he said everyone can admire it. 5 + stars for making his big birthday present so memorable and special.”

Tammy S 06/03/2018 

“We are extremely excited to have received our 40th birthday present for our friend who is very hard to buy for.  Michele made the ordering process, research of photo’s etc very easy.  We even received our caricature painting early, which now gives us time to frame for the big day.  Thank you Phil, for such a great representation of our friend, we know she’s going to LOVE IT, as we do.  Such a wonderful gift she will be able to keep for a lifetime”.

Lauren S 06/02/2018  5 Stars all the way!

“AMAZING! TALENTED! Just a few words to describe the artwork Phil created! When looking for the perfect retirement gift, for a lovely colleague who has 46 years with the company, contacting Caricatures by Spratti couldn’t be any more ideal! Not only did we need an express order, but the Spratti team were able to get the exact likeness from our photos, all our inclusions with inspiration from Elvis and the extra touches of a my colleague driving away from our workplace, it looks so real and such a brilliant gift! We had great contact throughout the process from Michele to ensure everything would be to our exact needs, I highly recommend the Spratti team and can’t wait for an excuse to use them in the future! Thank you so much!! Kind regards, Lauren S.”

Leonie 03/02/2018 

“I was distraught and frantic about finding the right gift for a fantastic boss and colleague of 18 years who gave two weeks notice due to a lifestyle change. Thankfully I came across the Caricatures by Spratti website. Even though it was a Saturday afternoon, Michelle replied promptly and four days later I had the perfect gift I. My hands even though I was 1600kms away. Five Star Service all the way. Many Thanks, Leonie.” 

Fiona 23/01/2018 

“I had an idea. ‘How cool would it be to have a caricature painted as a super special surprise gift for my much loved & adored husband’s 60th birthday’! I seamlessly searched & found your website. First of all, the website was brilliantly easy to navigate & it was so inspiring to see examples of your work & read the testimonials. I quickly made the decision that this idea had legs! My excitement built. I then gathered my photos & my brain was buzzing with ideas of how to perfectly celebrate this man’s life so far & to honour the things that he loves so much & represent him perfectly. It was then that the magic happened. I phoned Michele, who I commend to be the most patient angel who walked me through the ordering process & who was the customer service champion with her creative ideas. The delivery date was set & the artwork arrived a day before it was expected, which gave me time to have this amazing gift framed. Talk about efficient! As for the creator & artist, you Phil, all I can say is a heartfelt “Bravo”. I proudly presented the birthday boy with his gift it front of our boys & our visiting family who have travelled to be with us. Perry’s reaction was priceless. He was completely & utterly impressed & there was great admiration from everyone, notwithstanding myself! I have very happily already recommended you. Thank you for sending the business cards. I have no hesitation in rating you 5 stars & I will most definitely be a repeat customer. I wish you all the best. On behalf of our family I can’t thank you enough. Kindest regards, Fiona.”

Jim T 09/01/2018 

“I can’t recommend Phil Spratt (Spratti) highly enough, a definite 5 out of 5 from me. From the moment I made contact I knew I was in good hands, attention to detail, meeting my time expectation, to delivery of final product complete with digital copy was nothing other than first rate. The whole process was smooth and made easy by scanning of photos and written description of content requested. I recommend Spratti to anybody wanting a caricature done, certainly my first port of call in the future.”

Sandra P 19/12/2017 

“We needed an original, one of a kind gift that would be a talking point for years to come, and Spratti certainly delivered that with his amazing Caricature of my beloved father-in-law. He is one of those men who is so difficult to buy for, but the caricature was just perfect. He just loved it and all of the details that were included, really illustrated the essence of my father-in-law. Caricatures By Spratti were just wonderful to communicate and work with. Emails were answered promptly, and the artwork was sent out well in advance of the date we needed it, allowing us to get it framed. Thank you Spratti, you have truly delivered. Warm regards, Sandra.”

Jessica N 17/12/2017 

“I am a repeat customer and constantly happy with the amazing work and how awesome the caricature’s look. It’s the best idea for presents and always receives the highest complements from friends and family -5 stars.”

Tony W 15/12/2017 

“Hi Phil, I have got to say the caricature you did for Jack’s retirement was right on the mark, you caught both the man and the things that he treasures perfectly. This amazed us as we had only sent you a few photos and a list of likes. I was also very impressed quick turnaround. Kind Regards, Tony W”

Kerri C 15/11/2017 

“Once again I was blown away with the standard of the caricature I ordered for a workplace farewell gift. The detail we requested was brilliantly included in the artwork. My order was quite urgent and Phil and Michele made sure my timeline was meet with time to spare. Thank you very much.”

Jalaine 13/11/2017 

“Hi Phil, I have been thinking for a long time what to give my fiance for his 50th birthday that is something unique and personalised. I am very glad that I came across your website. Communication was great and ordering is easy. I have presented a great gift that he loves and have already had many great comments from people who have seen it. Thank you so much for delivering a wonderful gift. Kind regards, Jalaine.”

Phil Leslie 09/11/2017 

“Our caricature arrived today and I could not be happier. 

After Lisa and I had our medieval themed wedding last year, it was always going to be difficult to find a gift for our 1st Anniversary. Well, that was until I came across your artwork and after viewing your online gallery it was a no-brainer!!

I’m so glad I engaged you to create a one of a kind piece of artwork for us and I’m sure it’s something that will give us many happy moments for years to come. The whole process was very easy( even for someone not tech-savvy as myself), and Michele was a pleasure to deal with. The end result is just amazing. Thank you once again Phil for meeting my rather tight deadline and for playing a part in helping to celebrate our 1st Anniversary.

You will most definitely be hearing from me again in the future, and I will not hesitate in recommending you to family,  friends and co-workers.

Phil, your’e a champ and it’s a BIG 5 stars from me.!!! Until next time,

Cheers Phil Leslie.”

Leanne Williams 06/11/2017 

“Thank you so much for the great caricature of my son Matt. He loves it and it’s a fantastic reminder of a great milestone in his life… turning 40. Everyone says how well you captured his personality. The service was great especially since I asked for it to be completed before my original due date !! Would highly recommend (and have actually already done so) you to anyone after an original and very professional job.”

Jenny Wickstein 06/11/2017 

“Hi Phil, I was super impressed with the caricature for my son and his fiancés engagement. It was such a great way to send them congratulations with an original piece of fun art, with amazing likeness of them both, that will last forever. They loved it!! Thank you again. 5 stars.”

John and Alma 04/11/2017 

“Thank you for the wonderful picture you have created for us, we always know you can give us a unique present , that does not disappoint, our family & friends always love the quirky details …… We give 5 ***** stars  “well done “

Adele 19/10/2017 

“I am so happy with the  Caricature and I know that my son will love it. It was a pleasure doing business with you, the communication was excellent and the advice I received really made a difference. Love your work!” – Adele

Trish M 03/10/2017 

“Hi Phil, I am very happy to write a testimonial for you, please see below.

I recently ordered a caricature as an engagement gift from a group of friends and was thrilled with the end result. We had some specific items we wanted included in the picture and Phil did a great job of capturing each of them in a very appropriate way. Michele Spratt was also a huge help and made some great suggestions in relation to the items and how they could be included. I was a little nervous about what to expect but Phil did an amazing job and we are all very, very happy with the drawing. I rate Phil, his drawing and the service provided 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks again Phil and Michele.” Trish M

Meaghan 21/09/2017 

“Our work colleague was leaving town and we were racking our brain as to what we could do as a farewell gift.  I came upon the Spratti’s website and said ‘yep’ this is what we are going to do for the gift.  The process with Michele was flawless, timely and she even made it personal with a follow up phone call after my initial enquiry.  I sent through the photos and description of what I wanted and before I knew it the caricature was sitting in my PO Box.  The hand-painted piece truly depicted our friend along with integrating her hobbies and memorable moments.  I intend on using Caricatures By Spratti again that’s for sure.  Thank you Spratti and Michele for a magnificent drawing and seamless process.  Love you work!!!!! – Meaghan

Martin 20/09/2017 

“Hi Phil, I am writing to thank you for the recent caricature of a relative, Tony, to celebrate his 80th Birthday. If you recall, he was depicted playing tennis, wearing a surgeon’s mask & stethoscope and an Adelaide Crow’s scarf, with a cow in the background. 

Kay and I are very pleased to report that he was delighted with it and we were told he had it framed and was proudly showing it off at his birthday party. Kay and I were also very grateful to you for finishing it well within the tight timeframe and for getting it to us in perfect condition. So, a big thank-you for a job well done; we will be happy to recommend you to others and/or pass on your business cards.  Yours sincerely “– Martin Jennings

Helena 06/09/2017 

“Hi Phil, We had Frank’s farewell last Friday and he absolutely loved the framed painting. Like you say on your business card it is the perfect present for someone who has everything .

‘It was very hard to find a farewell present for our Manager and work colleague who retired after 42 years in the public sector. I started to search the net and came across ‘caricatures by Spratti’. I really liked what I saw on their website and I made  contact over the net and within an hour I received a phone call and it took two weeks and the portrait was delivered on time on the day it was due. Phil did an absolutely fantastic job and captured Frank and all the extras really well.  Frank was very delighted with his present as he had no idea what to expect.  I would like to thank Phil and Michelle for a fantastic service and I can highly recommend the services of Caricatures by Spratti to all my friends. 5 Stars that’s for sure”

Thank you so much again  for your great service and work,. Kind Regards” – Helena

Marci 01/09/2017 

“Thank you for the wonderful caricature, she absolutely loves it! She’s very grateful to have received such a special farewell gift. 

I really appreciate you in making this a very easy process for us, and to deliver a beautiful work in such short notice. I will be sure to recommend Caricatures By Spratti to any of my friends/colleague looking for a special gift.” Marci.

Helen 30/08/2017 

“We gave Phil a terrible collection of photos of my brother and asked for a memory for his 40th birthday.  When it arrived (two days early) it was Dave to a T.    We were really pleased with the service from Phil and Michele.  Made coming up with a memorable and different present very easy!

Thanks heaps” – Helen

Jason 23/08/2017 

“Firstly, thank you so much  Michele for making the ordering process so easy and helping me to work out the details, it was very much appreciated.

Secondly, Phil, I was in charge or sorting out of present for a work colleague of mine who was turning 50 and I took a punt on going with a Caricature and was hoping it would turn out ok. I’m so glad I chose you because what you provided to us was so very accurate and completely spot on and  perfectly covered everything and more. Ray was absolutely impressed with it and so very grateful to receive such a unique picture of himself with all the things he loves. The 8 people who put in for this gift absolutely loved it and said it’s a perfect gift idea for someone. I would so 100% recommend you and have already recommended you to many people and wish you all the best. I rate you 5 stars no doubt.  Thanks again Phil and Michele.” Kind regards Jason F

Carol G 13/08/2017 

“I had no idea what to give my husband for his 60th birthday until I saw Caricatures by Spratti. Phil produced a fantastic family portrait and was very thoughtful with the information I provided to him.  My husband was delighted and a bit emotional, when he saw what had been created for him.  It will bring us joy for many years to come.  I can’t recommended Phil highly enough if you’re after a unique gift for someone special. 5 out of 5” – Carol G

Ed 08/08/2017 

“I ordered a caricature of my wife for 60th birthday.  It was too easy. A quick and easy consultation via the phone and email, downloaded the 7 elements required and within the timeframe the caricature was delivered.  The composition of the elements I provided Phil with was outstanding.  My wife was very surprised and impressed.  I would recommend  Phil, without hesitation,  for his professionalism, artistry and efficiency of the whole process. An easy 5 out of 5 stars.” Ed

Fiona 05/08/2017 

“5 star business. Super happy with the caricature I ordered from you. The whole process was incredibly easy and more importantly the finished artwork is incredible…..so detailed and lifelike.

I was guided every step of the way and felt that you were completely trustworthy and honest. It was delivered exactly as promised in time for my husbands birthday.

Absolutely thrilled with everything and I have no hesitation in recommending you to others. A perfect choice of present for a man who is incredibly difficult to buy for.  Many, many thanks, Fiona.