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FAQ – frequently asked question


By definition a Caricature exaggerates an individual’s striking features in order to create a fun, comical effect. This varies from artist to artist, some lean toward the grotesque or savage (not the best gift to receive).

My Caricature style is a more popular, fun and happy interpretation leaning to the more gentle comical side, not the grotesque.

Caricatures are NOT portraits.

No, I don’t do live draws at functions. All my caricatures are created from photos that customers send me. This way I have the time to create a gift that is both cherished by the recipient and valued by the giver. It also makes for a great surprise gift.

It is very simple, you don’t even have to leave your chair or wait in a queue!

Its simply 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the Prices page and fill out the Order Form.

Step 2: Michele will send you an email confirming the price and that we can have it to you for your required date. You give the go-ahead then sit back and await your delivery – now that’s easy!

Step 3: You present the superb personalised original artwork to the overjoyed recipient and immediately have praise and love showered upon you!

Original artwork is always more valued than a digital copy of it.

My original Caricatures are hand-painted, customised one-off pieces of artwork, signed and dated by myself the artist.

Original artwork is more vibrant and valued and will last longer than a print-out.

When you order one of my caricatures you will receive the actual original hand-drawn and hand-painted artwork. In addition I will email you a FREE bonus scanned copy of the caricature for you to keep. You give the original and get to keep the digital copy for yourself.

Be aware, most online caricaturists advertise original artwork but will only send you a digital print or email file, I don’t. After all who wants to receive a print-out as a gift?

I only use artist quality watercolours and inks on 160 gsm acid free watercolour paper, guaranteeing years and years of enjoyment.

This depends on when you require your Caricature. Normally 10-14 days.

This can vary so please check with me first.

But don’t panic if you need it urgently, I maybe able to fit you in so please contact me. Call now on 0414 633 652

You can order either A4 size (297mm x 210mm) or A3 size (420mm x 297mm) – which is double the A4 size and is my most popular size.

The larger A3 size enables me to comfortably fit in the details in the finished Caricature. All Caricatures shown on this website are copies of A3 size originals.

If you require a Caricature larger than the A3 size, please contact me.

No, I have created thousands of caricatures and never needed to do drafts. There is no need if all the details and photos you provide are clear. Read my reviews.    Having said that some customers do send me a rough sketch of the scenario they have in mind, no problem at all. If you really must have a draft I am happy to do one for you but there will be an additional charge.

We will send you your FREE digital copy of the caricature once you have received the original artwork. As not everyone wants the digital copy please notify me by email that you would like your copy.

I find full colour are better. Colour gives the Caricature more impact and depth. I also do black and white for the traditionalists.

After your initial enquiry on the Contact Page, I will email you a link to my online ordering form so you can provide the information about the subject. The same email will have prices and information on emailing photos.

This will depend on the Option you choose (see Options available on Contact page).

For example, Option ‘C’, in addition to hair colour and eye colour we will require details to be included in your Caricature such as occupation, favourite drink, favourite saying, hobby etc. Option B includes 1 detail in the price Option C includes 2 details. You can include as many details as you like. Additional details are from $20 each.

The following link will give you a guide to the sort of photo I require.  Photo Guide

About 3-5 clear, recent, happy/smiley close-ups and ideally a full length photo of each person in the Caricature. Happy snaps are fine but please none with the person wearing sunglasses or hats.

If you can email more than three that’s great. If posting photos I will make certain that all are returned with your finished Caricature. If you are stuck and can only find one photo of the person send it through and I will let you know if I can work from it.

Often the difference between a good Caricature and a great Caricature are the photos supplied.

Prices vary according to your requirements. Fill out an obligation free order form on my Prices and Ordering page, selecting the option and listing the details you want.

You may find cheaper caricatures but you won’t find better.

Yes I do. Please contact me with the details and I will send you a special bulk price.

Full payment is made on placement of your order.

Secure payment can be made by, major credit cards, Paypal and EFT. When paying by Credit Card there will be an additional CC processing fee. If you wish to pay by EFT let us know and we will send you the details/

Note: If paying by credit card please contact us and we will send you our secure Payment Link. Never email your credit card details.

Please note: Only on receipt of your payment will placement of your order be confirmed enabling me to proceed.

In Australia all Caricatures are sent to you in a sturdy tube by Express Post signature on delivery. You can easily track the whereabouts of your caricature online. Postal insurance of your caricature is optional. Please let us know if you want postal insurance. There will be an additional cost for postal insurance.

No. For safety reasons, sending glass through Australia Post is not permitted. Also framing is very much a matter of personal choice, so I leave that to you or the recipient. I do provide an information sheet with framing suggestions so the caricature will look its best.

No problem. I have done Caricatures for people all over Australia and the world. I have safely sent Caricatures to customers from Cairns to Cape Town, Sydney to New York and nearly everywhere in between with absolutely no problems.