3 Easy Steps To Giving The Best Retirement Gift

Follow the list below for a piece of original art that’s all about your special person.

Something that will go on the wall and every single time they see it they’ll remember it was you who took the time to give them such a unique gift.

the absolutely perfect gift
1Choose the caricature option/s you want. Fill out the Enquiry Form on this page. 2We confirm we can have it to you for your required date. You fill in the order form then sit back till it arrives. 3You present the superb personalised original artwork to your overjoyed colleague and immediately have praise and love showered upon you! Easy!

These People Gave The Perfect Gift!

“Unbelievable! We just loved it and even more importantly, our retiring administration officer just loved it, loved it, loved it! There were laughs and smiles all around when the caricature was presented. Spratti just nailed it from our written description and uploaded photos. The attention to detail was spot on. The caricature was delivered to us well within time and their staff were fantastic. If you are thinking of getting a caricature, just do it!”


“Caricatures by Spratti has exhibited a wonderful example of great customer service. Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and reliable service, which every business could take a valuable lesson from you. The recipients of these caricatures were so impressed with your talent. Thank you again.”

Lyn B

“Firstly I found Caricatures by Spratti very easy to contact and communicate with. Additionally, they were very reliable, they did what they said they would do, when they said that they’d do it by. Finally, the end result was fantastic. Our boss, who was retiring loved the caricature, as did the team. It was a very unique and personal and accurate representation.”

Vicki M