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Gift Caricatures for every occasion.

My caricatures (comic portraits) make the perfect gift for that person!

They make particularly good gifts for those who are hard to buy for or who have everything – and they are easy to order.

So if you are finding it hard to think of a fun and totally original gift for that special person – Give the gift that everyone else wished they had given. One that you are proud to present, one they are blown away to receive and are thrilled to display on their wall for years and years. The gift that shows that you have really thought about them and not simply brought something dull off the shelf at the last minute.






* Birthdays


* Weddings, Engagements
& Anniversaries


* Retirements and Farewells


* Family, Mates & Business Groups






All the artwork I create is original hand-drawn and painted, drawn from your photos, so it is guaranteed to be a complete surprise. You can include all the things that make them special, creating a unique one-off gift they will treasure for ever.

As a professional Artist, creating customised gift Caricatures is my full time job and I have created thousands of them over the years.  When you order one of my Caricatures you will receive only original artwork not a digital copy or print-out.  After all who wants to receive a print-out as a gift when they can get the artist’s original hand-painted artwork.

Note: Each Caricature I do is a fun depiction of the subject. I do not do grotesque (no one wants to look ugly). I focus on really capturing the look and character of every person. Which is why I have well over 400 Five Star customer testimonials.

They make ideal surprise gifts for landmark birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, farewells, staff incentives, groups, promotional material, really anything worth remembering!

Need it Fast – no problem!

How much do they cost and how do I order? 

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